5 Cool Ideas for a Toddler Theme Birthday Party

Toddler themed birthday parties can be difficult to plan as kids that are aged 2-4 years old usually have no true idea of the passing of another year of birth. They want to have fun and get messy while eating.

Creative Ideas for planning a Toddler Theme Birthday Party

1. Disney Birthday Theme

Minnie Mouse themed birthday party is easily accomplished, in that, the event can be pulled off by planning ahead and visiting the Disney Store online.  Check the clearance section for matching themed headbands, face paint or kiddie tattoos to place in gift bags.

2. Outdoor Birthday Party

Plan an outdoor event. One idea would be to use a kiddie pool filled with plastic balls. The toddlers will have loads of fun crawling and trying to figure out what they should be doing with the balls and the parents will be delighted watching the kids try to figure it out.


3. Challenges Based Theme

One could also use Styrofoam noodles and balloons outdoors with the kids giving them the challenge of getting as many balloons as they can into baskets only using the noodles. This would also aid in improving hand-eye coordination of the kids. Once again the children will love the challenge and the parents, well; they will be in awe of their kids’ imagination and dexterity.

4. Art Theme Party

Another great event for the kids would be to have an art party. Pick up some large canvases for watercolor painting. Since the event would be outside; it would meet the criteria of getting messy at the party. These pictures can be hung up in the kid’s room or kept in storage creating fond memories as the kids get older.


5. Foodie Birthday Party

Food ideas include having single serve yogurts and apple sauces on hand or fruit on a stick. These healthy snack ideas are low cost and easy for clean up after the party is over.  No party would be complete without having ice cream or cake or a make your own ice cream sundae bar. Have sprinkles, gummy bears, chocolate chips and whip cream for toppings, the kids will eat these up!  Since it is outside, there is no reason to worry about the mess from the ice cream; just make sure you keep some wet wipes on hand for the kids’ clean up.

Hope you enjoyed the suggestions for hosting a creative birthday party for your kids. Also, these can be done without putting any impact on your personal budget.

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