Top tips and information for buying a Life Insurance for People with Diabetes

How to buy a Life Insurance for People with Diabetes?

Are you planning to buy a Life Insurance for Diabetic People? Check out some tips to keep in mind when buying a life insurance for people with diabetes.

Life insurance information

For people with DIABETES, acquiring life insurance may become difficult. Some people actually consider getting life insurance for people with diabetes unaffordable. The reason for this is that life insurance policies are allowed to charge a premium based on the health status of the applicant.

Affordable life insurance policies

Despite such a charge, it is still possible for a DIABETIC person to find affordable life insurance policies today. One simply needs to know where to look and what to look for. There are actually several life insurance providers that are offering life insurance policies to individuals with chronic health conditions.

Choice of life insurance provider

There are important things that a DIABETIC person needs to know to make the search for a life insurance provider easier and faster.

Hemoglobin A1C Reading

A good reading of the Hemoglobin A1C is considered as one of the most essential blood levels when it comes to acquiring the best rates on life insurance. Basically, the reading should be less than 7%. Most of the life insurance providers today will decline one’s application if one’s A1C level is above 9.

Weight and Height

Another major factor that can affect in acquiring the best life insurance rates. It is ideal to maintain a good weight even if you are DIABETIC. If you have a good weight, this means that you are in better control of your blood sugar levels. By doing so, you are likely to secure the best life insurance rate possible.


The age when a person is diagnosed with DIABETES is also a contributing factor in the acquisition of a good life insurance rate. Ideally, those people who are diagnosed at an older age can acquire the best rates.

Overall Health

The overall health of the applicant will also matter in getting the best life insurance rates.

Exceptional Diabetes Management

For people with type 1 DIABETES and type 2 diabetes, their DIABETES MANAGEMENT will play an important role in the determination of their life insurance cost. For those people with low A1C, low blood glucose levels, healthy lifestyle and those who did not experience any diabetic complications, there is a great chance that the rate of their life insurance will be a reasonable one.

Finding of Reliable life insurance provider

So, how does one find good rates and reliable life insurance provider? Finding the best life insurance provider is doable. All you have to do is to do your homework and spare some time. Here are some of the best tips in finding the good rates and the reliable life insurance provider:

Find A Reliable Insurance Agent

If you want to hire an insurance agent then it is ideal to hire an agent who is reliable and who has the experience in obtaining life insurance policies for people with impaired risks. These agents will already know the ins and outs in life insurance applications for people with diabetes.

Consider Clinical Underwriting

There are some insurance carriers that make use of clinical underwriting. If you find one then it is ideal to check the carrier out before proceeding to another one. Clinical underwriting is a process that considers the overall health of the applicant and not just the applicant’s health conditions.

Take Time to Shop Around

When searching for the right life insurance provider, it is best to shop around. One can search through phone, internet, and referrals from friends. When you do your homework, you are likely to find the life insurance policy that will best your needs.

Don’t Be Discouraged

One cannot avoid the fact that there will be some insurance companies that will decline applications of people with DIABETES. However, you should not be discouraged if this happens. Just because one company declines your application, this does not mean that the other companies will not consider your application.

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